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Company Information:

Moulding Technology established in 2005, has over twenty years combined experience in Moulding and Finishing large and small plastic parts for a range of sectors including Furniture, Automative, Teletronic, Electronic and consumer industries.

Moulding Technology was formed by bringing together the many years experience and knowledge of the Principal Stakeholders, in Plastic Moulding and Product Finishing, together with the other necessary skills such as Quality Performance, Project Management, and Customer Care and Satisfaction. We pride our Company on been very Customer Focused, and this is borne out by the long standing relationships and new development activity that is ongoing with our customers.

It is because of our experience that we can demonstrate these principals, where time has developed the skills and the maturity of doing this business, and the ability to keep enjoying the new aspects and embrace the ideas that there is something new each day.

It is our duty to continue to develop our younger people for the future, we place much emphasis on the development and training for the next generations and maintain the highest skill set and knowledgebase, this is our future.

Quality Systems:

Our ability to quickly adapt to our customers particular quality requirements has been a major feature of our partnership approach to our customers. We are committed to achieving the highest quality produced parts meeting the exact requirements of all our customers.

With our range of Moulding Machinery and equipment we can make a range of products from very small (0.001kg) to very large (6.5kg), and with our automated finishing facility with the use of robotic programming we can finish any part as per its specific requirements.


Core Skills   Other Technology

- Moulding Capability
- Compact Injection
- AGI (Assisted Gas Injection)
- Low Pressure Gas Injection
- Sequential Gate Control
- Robotic and Manual coating/finishing of any product.


- Heat Staking, Welding
- Product Assembly
- Ultra Sonic Welding
- RF Welding/Forming
-Tampo/silk screen painting


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